Born in Doriath in the first age Eolrandir enjoyed the peace of the realm until it’s fall and the destruction of Beleriand in the second age, where he traveled with the company of Oropher to the Greenwood, where he lived for the second age into the third. He trained alongside Legolas Greenleaf and fought alongside Thingol and Oropher in the Last Alliance of Men and Elves, when Sauron was overthrown. Eolrandir resided in the Greenwood, and served as a captain of the guard. He held this position until the third age when he was permitted to travel freely looking to track the movements of the Enemy since his second banishment from Dol Guldur by the White Counsel.

He continues to travel abroad fighting the infringing the encroaching darkness that is spreading in the later days of the West.



Garthvar was born in Bree to a household that struggled to hang on. He saw the hardships of the lowly merchants’ life. He watched as his siblings either succumbed to exhaustion from overwork or illness set in from their dealings and assistance with foreign travelers. Garthvar grew among this opposition, and felt that he could defend the weak and innocent. He took a position in the Bree town guard and through much practice and dedication became one of the head wardens of the Watch.

Though there was a great amount of success in his career as a warden his rightful standing for the law was not always appreciated. With the sorrowful influence that crept over Bree land men’s hearts became twisted and even the ranks that swore to protect exploited the trust of the townsfolk and began taking unfair wages and manipulating their way into the town’s positions of influence.

Eventually Garthvar rose to challenge a decision being made on a friends misjudgment. He petitioned the leaders that there be a stand of amnesty words the mistake and laps in judgement. Despite his good standing and the Position he held as second Watcher, the decision carried and his friend was kicked out of Bree into a homeless state. There he was given no choice but to join the local rabble inspired by the Southerners.

Garthvar pleaded for reform and a change of heart but the bodies that be did not grant him an inch. In fact they realized that He was no longer on their side and would not agree with them on their decision. He became an obstacle to be moved and would not be allowed to continue in his position.

Strings and rank was pulled to have Garthvar removed from the Watch and because there was nothing else to do, he instead sought the rangers that were too disliked by the townsfolk yet had assisted Garthvar on several occasions. He worked closely with them silently watching over his home even though he was not welcome there.


Runethiar was born in Gondolin, he studied the art of runes, or stone speaking, at an early age. His first experience with combat-applied stone speaking was at the battle of Gondolin as he used it to fight and stall the dragon. After which devastation he used his skill mostly in the medicinal field and for study only. After the fall of Gondolin Runethiar returned to Rivendell alongside

With the recent darkening of days and the fading of the Elves, Runethiar wanders the world looking for where he can stand against the darkness and protect the Free peoples as they seek their fate in removing evil from the world once again.



Born and raised in Thorin’s hall Dwenar was still young when Thorin and Company left to reclaim Erebor, but it soon became his mission to see the great dwarf kingdoms of old renewed. Growing up in Ered Luin at the sights of some ancient dwarven structures and civilizations Dwenar’s desire for the ancient knowledge of the dwarves rises above that of even treasures of the ancient kingdoms.

He spent most of his childhood listening to tales from travelers trying to learn as much of the outside world as he could. He regrets the coldness between Dwarves and Elves as he sees not only a loss in allies and the potential for trouble, but also an economic downturn as well. All the same he would see the old alliances renewed and the dwarven goods begin to circulate once more.

Although he regularly looks to diffuse disagreements and make friends, the reality of world is that this is not always possible. Trained in the Shield and Axe he has proven to be as successful in fighting as he is in diplomacy.



Hupadink fell in love with music and lyrics at a young age, and took to any kind of musical instrument that he picked up. He often entertained his friends with great jokes and songs that gave him quite a name in the Shire. He plays a local inns every night and traveled the four farthings often for business. His mother raised him and taught him how to cook. “If you’re going to be a Minstrel, you might as well feed yourself. No one will be working for you.” she used to say. He began to travel further to Bree and farther towns to play at the taverns where he improved his skill even more.

Humpadink’s goal is to travel and play to anyone who will listen, and to record and recite great tales and events in song or poetry.



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