The Hunter’s Trade: Goblin-Town Rescue

October 29th T. A. 3017

Well it seems that my vacation was cut short. I was summoned to return to Imladris to help in assisting a lost scout. There was great concern because she had not been seen for some time and with the constant danger of the mountains and the vastness of the realm I was requested to find a sign of her somewhere in the drifts.

I set out from The Valley with great speed, the clearing of the mountain trails made the ascent swift and easy. As I returned to Vindurhal I was told that Glorwen had gone out three days before to scout the different areas that i had at the beginning of the month. However she failed to return by her deadline and still has not been seen.

The danger from goblins and wargs, though lessened since the last time I had come here, were still present. paw prints in the snow as well as footprints leading to the west side of the mountains were everywhere. It was almost too much to even track Glorwen’s horse. I followed the trail to the northeastern edge of the high pass and searched among the stones where the wargs lived.

After finding her bow and cape frozen in the snow I returned to Vindurhall with not much hope. As we contemplated her fate a dwarf informed us that there was a chance that the wargs were keeping her rather than just killing her immediately. This meant that we would have to parlay with the Wargs to see the fate of Glorwen and how her freedom could be bought.

We ‘met’ with the warg leader, and had to slay several of his allies to draw him out. Eventually the only way we could communicate with him was to challenge his position as pack leader. He put on a good fight but I overcame him in the end and forced him to submit.

He confessed that the pack had delivered Glorwen to the goblins and she was taken into the tunnels under the mountains. we left that place solemnly, we were unsure of weather she was allowed o live for we had received no ransom or message from the goblin stronghold in the tunnels.

There has been on some occasions, where goblins have parleyed with the elves of Rivendell. Though these negotiations seldom last longer than the greeting and rarely end well. But even so there is communication. But this time there had not been. much was yet to be discovered.

It was our only option to enter into the tunnels that they call Goblin town. There would have to be some sort of slave or captive camp in there where prisoners were kept if they were allowed to live. This would be our first target.From there anything we could do to sabotage and confuse the goblins would be extra and assist in the retaking of the misty mountains from the goblins that make their home there.

It was  once the decision was made that Lord Elrond had his scholars and healers for assistance with the extraction of Glorwen. The Scholars were attending to learn more of what could be done about the threat of goblins and how we could diminish their numbers further. I was charged with leading the party through the tunnels safely to the prisoners then out again.


With some guidance from Master Gloin, who had had experience fighting his way through the tunnels some years back, we pressed on through one of the entrances. The entire cave system was dark except for the fired set there by the goblins. My attempt would be as  stealthily as possible. There was a great risk of being captured should we be overrun by legions of goblins who could be alerted and mobilized in a second.

As I progressed through the caves filth and carcasses lay everywhere. There were cries and screams from deeper in the tunnels but none of these sounded like they belonged to Glorwen. They were always shrill scratchy voices. They must have belonged to the goblins but why they were being tortured so was unclear to me. Though goblins are indeed evil creatures that are despicable in their behavior so any attempt at understanding their nature will drive one mad.


Our party entered a tunnel that pulled away to the east. We noticed that down this tunnel there were goblins that carried keys. We were on the right track. As we passed through the guards and sentries we came to an opening that led to the holding cells. Cut out of the mountainside and nearly covered in refuse and waste the bars were fused out of rough iron, and although there were jailers here they did not stand much chance against our party.

Upon entering the jail it took us merely a few minutes to find the right cells. Along with Glorwen we found a long missed scout Aeglas, who had been sent to goblin town and had not returned. They both were in good health as the healers looked them over. I set to unlocking their cells immediately but Aeglas refused, urging me that there was more we could do immediately that would cause great distention in the ranks of the goblins and orcs that lived here.

found Glorwen

I urged him to leave and receive help but he insisted. Therefore I decided to take Glorwn back and a Scholar volunteered to remain with Aeglas to finish the job that he was sent for. After leaving provisions to help the two that remained we made a quick exit and left the town for good.

Glorwen was much relieved when we made it above ground again and was rushed back to Rivendell to see her family who was greatly concerned. I remained at the camp waiting to meet the scholar and Aeglas as they emerged a day later with good news. The goblins and orcs were set against eachother and should dwindle their numbers on their own. After a rest at Vindurhal we left, returning to Rivendell 4 days after we set out.


The Hunter’s Trade: Forochel

October 24, T.A. 3017

I left Rivendel again in a search for hunting grounds that would provide a new challenge. I had heard of the frozen lands to the north from the dwarves in the misty mountains, and seeings as everything is under control at this point, I saw no problem with A Short holiday in some strange new lands that would expand my experience and give me some escape from the scouting done around The Valley.

Here’s hoping for the best hunt and a chance to gain some experience from these icy lands and their creatures. the furs here are expensive and considered rare in many lands to the south. This change will be something nice though not entirely different from the misty mountains.

The land up here is flat, like great plains of ice spread for miles and continue into the ocean in glaciers. Wind is a constant here. Although the weather here is much colder than normal, the wind does make the temperature even colder. Some places are worse than others, the wind seems to push through even the thickest garments and pierce into your very bones. Snowstorms whip up without warning and bring visibility to nearly nothing. Snowdrifts can be deeper than a lake and cracks and crevices in the ice are easily missed, claiming lives of locals and travelers alike.


The beasts here are varied, the saber-tooth cats that prowl are clever and silent. Their coats blend them into their surroundings. There are two major types here. One type has all white fur, they blend perfectly into the snow, this allows them to hunt during the day or night, regardless of visibility. Another makes it’s home in the rocky outcroppings where the snow does not cover or is spotty at best. Their fur is spotted with grey and brown, blending them in with their surroundings of dirt, rock and snow. They rely on hunting during the night, or creatures straying into their territory unawares. Both are extremely dangerous and a constant threat.

The other creatures such as moose, elk and Aurochs are peace full compared the the main predators of the lands. They often reside near the pine forests. They are specially adapted to digesting the pine needles and finding small plants under the snow. They are sought after by the locals, the Aurochs for their milk and the elk for their antlers, but all for their meat and skins. The locals use very part of the animal either for decoration, warmth, or food. Nothing can be afforded to be wasted here. The land is unforgiving, and the locals have their beliefs around being responsible for the land and treating it well as it treats them well.

Worst of all the creatures here are the Grims. They are not one single monster but an element. It is as if nature itself manifested only as an evil power. They cannot be native here, though they take the properties of the weather and the land where they have invaded, they are still altogether alien. They are, or were crafted by a dark power and sent into this land to torment the people here. Though their prey is mainly hunting parties and stray travelers their numbers remain uncounted and they cannot be thought of as merely a legend.


Though there are great dangers here in this region there is great beauty also. when the sky is clear and the snow shies the light of the setting sun there are few things as beautiful as that.


The Hunter’s Trade: Misty Mountain Excursion pt. 1

October 13, TA 3017


I have left Rivendell once more, This time heading north to the Misty Mountains. I’ve been sent to scout the passes for their integrity should any travelers need to pass through. here to offer aid to Normelgir, one of the scouts of Rivendell. He has been there, they have said for roughly 5 years and has been watching the goblins and other fell beasts in the vicinity of his camp, Vindurhal.

The climb into the mountains was difficult and took some time. I have taken a few favors with me as well. One such favor is the retrieving of any artifacts that I may find here. And the search may prove easier than I had earlier thought of. The snow lurkers seem to have an niche for finding these pottery pieces in the snow.

The mountains thus far seem rather well-organized. The only real danger is directly to the north where Bears and Snow-beasts seem to have made their homes. The hunting is good up there, however and I managed to secure a strongbox that the dwarves were glad about.

I spent a night at the Camp of the dwarves where Lord Gloin has made his Headquarters. The night was peaceful for the most part. There was, at one point a darkness that passed across the north sky. After which there was only silence and snowfall. After asking Lord Gloin if the occurrence was regular, he only would say that the mountains are not to be trusted, even the weather is normal here.

The following morning I received an assignment from Lord Gloin, to head to the north and scout the dealings of the men encamped at the ancient ruins the Dwarves have come to call The Bitter Stair. According to their scouts there had been some increased activity and population up that way of men from the south. Not much else was known of their intent there.

I proceeded up the slopes and at about noon the ruins came into sight. The stones stood somewhat silent and the ruins looked to be somewhat busy but there was a dark feeling that lingered as you approached. at the point where I first felt the danger I posted the sign as requested by Lord Gloin.

In an attempt to gain a better view of the ruins and the activities therein I managed to stumble over two dwarves that held a small camp just south of the ruins. Their only useful information was that the night before there had been a strange darkness that passed over the camp and seem to cloud the entire mountain. Their fire was still lit but the light could hardly shine enough for them to see each other though they were standing next to each other.

Although the could not see anything they described the feeling as a sever uneasiness, there was no sound, not even the wind, just a feeling of nervousness that they both shared. Nothing could be said for the clouds overhead. There was nothing unusual the rest of the night, and eventually the felling passed.

After placing the sign and scouting as much of the ruins without being seen I took my report back to Lord Gloin’s camp who then sent a message back to Rivendell. I will stay the night here and press on again in the morning.