Rune Satchel Notes: Into Ancient Lands pt. 2

January 13th TA 3018

A great amount has transpired since my last entry. I first connected with The elves at Echad Dunnan. It was here that I was surprised to see that there were dwarves active in the area. Though i was made aware that there had been some trade routes that had recently been re-established in the north and the west towards the blue mountains, I was interested to learn that they had been looking around the steps of Moria.


Though it has been some hundred years since any attempt was made by the dwarves to regain their home of old, I and a great many other elves encamped there still did not believe that this was a wise decision. But as dwarves are stubborn they would not hear us. They have been scouting the area as well and have, at times, handled some of the orcs for us. For now, their presence has been a benefit to us. But I fear that they will not be much use as soon as their mission in Moria fails, as all endeavors of this kind have before.


For now Echad Dunnan is safe and we were able to focus on the surrounding areas. The ruins in the plains to the south have become spotted with camps of men of the south, allies of Isenguard. Their purpose thus far is uncertain though they have been found to follow an orc captain. We’ve guessed that they are being used as messengers for Saruman.


After interacting with them we found that they were in fact hostile, though this surprised us very little it was a threat that had to be dealt with. And so we did take out the orc leader and remove the camp from the wild. Most of the remaining wild men retreated back to their master with disappointing news.

The orcs continue to flee from us and their last few captains have been destroyed. Thus their number has greatly decreased in the area, and the last few remaining pose little threat and have been seen heading south, we can assume only to head home to Isenguard.

Echad Mirobel

My journey thus far has led me to the school and library at Tham Mirdan. These ancient halls of knowledge are believed to house great secrets of old. And with the ground before them cleared of the enemy, we can begin researching and recovering the knowledge here. I’ll be sending a full report to the Valley asking for scholars young and old to come and help us research and recover these halls, and move the knowledge to Rivendell as we can.

Rune Satchel Notes: Into Ancient Lands

January 8th TA 3018

A great charge has been set on me from Lord Elrond. As he was pleased with my service and part in the rescue of the captives from the Goblin Town tunnels. He has sent me with the charge into the ancient land of Eregion.

Since my time here in The Valley, I’ve looked toward the south with a wonder of the great lore and history to be recovered in the ruins there. In the overgrown remnants of an age gone by, there is lost elven history of the second age, where once there was a great and vast land now there is only a forest grown wild without the care of the elves who once called it home.

Lord Elrond has had the foresight to send me along with others to recover what we may from the ruins there. We hope that the lore and relics found there may restore some of the missing parts of history here and help piece together some of the old crafting techniques. and the culture that our elders cannot remember.


Though I feel that there is much to learn there is an uneasiness about the camps here. Elves still look over their shoulders at night when the shadows grow long. Something has changed this land and everyone can feel it.

Though the road has been dangerous with threats of brigands and beasts, there has been some progress in retrieving some artifacts and texts from the ruins across the land. Though orcs and ruffians have come to ravage the ruins they are easily removed and the ruins have been largely reclaimed for the elves.

Echad Eregion

Pembar revealed a breeding program by Isenguard. Several half-orcs claimed the area for “Sharkey” which we can only imagine is their slang for Saruman. This breeding ground was designed to attack Rivendell as soon as the number of worms grew great enough. However because of the vigilance of some of the elven hunters and scouts the ruins were soon reclaimed for the Elves and the eggs and orcs destroyed.

After searching the ruins there we were able to reclaim what seems to be a piece of lore of the old ring-forging process used in the forges of this land. This was the major finding here, some more, minor artifacts were found but nothing that surpassed the lore found in the rubble. It will take some time, but we will bring that lore back to study in the Library.

Barad Morlas

Barad Morlas was the sight of a wolf and dog breeding program by another group of orcs. By pairing a dog with a trainer, the enemy. This made it more difficult for us to find information further before attacking because of the raised awareness that their wolves and dogs had. So much was the raised awareness that one of our scouts was captured. This gave us a great disadvantage. As the orcs had grown curious as to our involvement in the region, and had not heard anything from Penbar for two days, they immediately sent out pleas for aid and messengers to the remaining camps in the area.

Though we caught and stopped many messengers we can no longer assume that we have the element of surprise. The orcs will be watching the area closer now.

Barad Morlas too was reclaimed after the scramble with the messengers and scouts. We have continued searching and retrieving artifacts from an age long past and we will seek to re-learn the old methods of forging, unlocking the knowledge of our ancestors, and for some of us, our friends.

I have been asked to discern weather or not the lands here would be safe to travel through. Though there is some to see ahead, If we continue the way that we have I would say that come next month the land would be cleared of the enemy presence enough for any errand to be covert to the eyes of Isenguard.


Garb of the Valley


The Valley is a place of rest and respite for the wearied traveller. Home to several bards and elven performers who have been well-known among the men of Bree compared to the other establishments of men. Great songs and arts reside here.

But apart from the rest and recreation provided and held in the Last Homely House east of the Sea, There is a great library. Contained within these walls is a wealth of knowledge that both keeps the elven cultures alive but has been sued to counsel kings and heroes alike in their endeavors.

rivendell elf

Thus there are always a great amount of scholars on retainer here in this house. The most esteemed of these scholars are rewarded by Lord Elrond and given special status and responsibilities to the well-being of The Valley and the discovery and recovery of treasures in the area and the world.

This current outfit represents what it means to dress in style in Rivendell. The outfit was created to somewhat match the Rivendell reputation steed. The long flowing look gives a portrayal of elvish elegance as well as providing a great deal of honor to the wearer and stands a testament to their work done.

rivendellsteedThis was the first outfit that i designed after a steed. Usually with my rougher “ranger” outfits the horse doesn’t really matter all that much. This outfit however was designed to match the steed of Rivendell (rep steed). I feel that the golden color matches with the bridle and the overall look of the horse. Most of the items on my character are easily barter-able with the skirmish masters (assuming you have the marks).

Head: Fine Elven Circlet : Skirmish Cosmetic Vender

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Secrecy : Skrimish Cosmetic Vender : Dye : Yellow

Chest: Robe of the Hopeful Melody : Skrimish Vendor : Dye: Yellow

Back: Cloak of Many Worlds: World Consolidation Gift : Dye: Yellow

Gloves: Gauntlets of the Quiet Step: Skrimish Cosmetic Vendor : Dye: Yellow

Legs: Trousers of the Hopeful Melody: Skrimish Vendor : Color : Yellow

Feet: Boots of the Quiet Step: Skrimish Cosmetic Vendor: Color : Yellow

Region Spotlight: The Lone Lands


Once the Anchient Kingdom of Arnor had fallen, it was divided into three states of the Dunedain of the North. Because of a disagreement of the three brothers of King Eärendur. Each brother recived one peice. These soon became independant states, which were Cardolan, Arthedain, and Rhudaur. The contention between the three kingdoms was largely over the line of Isildur which, in the kingdoms of Cardolan and Rhudaur, diminished quickly.

However the Line held in Arthedain, which held dominion over Weathertop (Amon Sul) and this area now known as the Lone Lands. About T.A. 1272 Orcs began to trouble the region and The Which King had established a new kingdom to the North, Angmar. During this time Argeleb I, king of Arthedain, claimed lordship over the three kingdoms as he was the remaining of the bloodline of Isildur. Rhudaur resisted this new reign and allied with Angmar. They fought for control of Weathertop and the Weather Hills became the site of many battles and warfare between the three kingdoms. After the death of Argeleb I, Cardolan was ravaged and Rhudaur was occupied by Angmar.


As the war raged on the Kingdom of Arthedain was pushed back until the battle of Fornhost in TA 1975. These lands had been barren ever since. But remnants of castles and defenses remain ruined here. They are often found to be home to new masters now. Though much less organized the ruins and fortresses house wild animals as well as brigands and outcasts.


The traveler would be wise to stay to the side of the road yet not stray so far. There is danger in both. The ruins are rarely unoccupied so camping in a group of rocks is more safe than gathering by the old stones. Fires should be kept low and out of sight. The wild animals range from cats and wolves to much worse.

A well prepared traveller would have brought provisions with them as there is little to pind in the way of food here, save for the local bobcats. Berries and nuts are scarce in the dry land so make sure to packwellandplan ahead.

Furthermore, plan the trail through these lands, make for the fastest trip. Travel by day as the road grows even darker at night. A safe stop lies at the beginning of the road at The Forsaken Inn and the last safe house remains Ost Guruth. After this make no hesitation until you reach the Trollshaws.

Erebor Exile

lookAfter the fall of Erebor and the Desolation of Smaug the residents of the Lonely Mountain fled and wandered for many years. they eventually came to the Blue mountains and under the leadership of Thorin, they build a great city there and thrived. This piece is an option for what they would have worn. Traveling the wilderness and between city to city would have been rough and troublesome. Armour would have been too heavy to carry and march in over the long exodus that ensured after the Desolation.


Mud and dirt on the road would have effected the cloths and dyed them after a long amount of usage. The clothes would be lighter than Armour but still warm against the elements and cold nights. A hood provides a block from the sun and rain.


This is a very basic outfit but i still think that here is a wonderful simplicity to it. The greater pieces of this outfit can easily be found in the AH if you look ,or you maybe able to have someone craft them fro you (requires Guild Rep) It’s a simple starter outfit and would look good on a man character as well.


I think though, that it looks the best on a dwarf, this being one of the only good chest pieces besides heavy Armour and some robes. However the chest piece does not play well with other boots on a dwarf model and thus I remained with the boots. The gloves are from the original outfit for the same reason, they fit the best on a dwarf.


“…it’s a little tight across the chest.” – Gimly

Chest: Strong Eastemnet Combat Armour, dyed Umber (Craftable – Tailor’s Guild)

Head: Traveller’s Hood, dyed Umber (Craftable – Tailor’s Guild)

Gloves: Strong Estemnet Combat Gauntlets, Dyed Umber (Craftable – Tailor’s Guild)

Back: Ardent Cloak Of the Wold, Dyed Umber, (Dunland drop)

Boots: Vital Estemnet Combat Boots, Dyed Umber (Craftable – Tailor’s Guild)

East Rohan


ScreenShot00229When the Eastfold went live I really got excited, there was more of the iconic Rohan that we picture in the books and watch in the movies. But I was not disappointed when after a few quests and some mounted combat you are directed the Aldberg, the hometown of Eomér. One of my favorite characters in the books, yes even before Gimly or Legolas, I was excited to be able to see where he came from and the culture there. Though it doesn’t differ greatly from that of the rest of Rohan I still love this town to this day!



ScreenShot00233My excitement continued when I was able to explore the other areas of the Eastfold before hitting Edoras. I love the town of Fenmarch and it’s location in the swamp. where normally you would expect the typical sludge and moss, you get swans and a misty almost dreamy location on theEntwash. It’s as if the river’s origin gave it magical properties that illuminate the swamps here.ScreenShot00234


ScreenShot00002 (2)With a little more venturing I entered Beaconwatch. Most of the area is dense forest, causing me to get lost often but proving a very interesting ride for my horse, and a test of his agility as well. But the reason I took the path through the forest and completed the quests was really all for the view. Probably one of the best in all of LOTRO.

ScreenShot00000 (2)

ScreenShot00001 (2)


Edoras did not disappoint, well I’ll be honest it did a little. I really did not like the horse fountain. It seemed to be playing up the Horse culture a little too much. that added with the fact that I didn’t; see the point of is rather than a meeting place in the center of town. The Meeting place was obviously the market, about a 100 feet away from the front of the fountain.ScreenShot00002

But all the same the Hall Of Meduseld, defiantly was as spectacular as I imagined! After an intense cardio workout up the stairs, the hall lays before you. It stands a reminder of the Might of Rohan and the Majesty of the land and people who live there. Though inside was more impressive. The dark, smokey interior of the hall was what interested me the most. playing true to the culture of the day the hall stands an accurate description and example of what it would be like to live in Rohan.ScreenShot00007 (2)

This expansion was just what I wanted when it came to exploring Rohan, I felt it has the right amount of culture mixed with action and the problems that they would have been facing. Though I would have preferred if they toned down the horse worship. I understand the king of Rohan was king of horses but the Throne was a bit much. I did however love the scroll work everywhere and the colors used for the kingdom.

ScreenShot00004 (2)