Hiker’s Guide to LOTRO was created to share Ideas and help people along with making their way through Middle Earth. Here you can find information regarding the different Zones and Lands in Middle Earth as well as helpful guides in crafting and game mechanics. Cosmetic outfits are created and shared as well. Weather you’ve just started playing or you’re a veteran of the community, there’s something for everyone here.


Of the different interests that make this game great, outfitting has to be one of the best. Even from day 1 I found that if I could customize my character it gives them a richer aspect to who they are. Weather it’s the common traveler or the guard of the citadel, I try to combine the many pieces of clothing into something lore appropriate, and of course good-looking.

The other feature of LOTRO that has been not only exciting to play in but to watch as well is the development of the game. I’m able to take screenshots and photograph the adventures that my characters go through.


The biggest part for me here on LOTRO is the community. I have to have an active group of players to raid and even RP with. So if you ever are on and want to meet look to my contact page to find my list of characters and look me up!