Easter Egg: Goldielock’s Cabin

In the deepwoods of the Eastfold, an hour hike south of Beaconwatch, there lies a small cabin nestled “just right” in the woods.

Funny enough there is no quest or deed known to be tied to the little house in the woods. It’s just sitting in the middle of the forest waiting for the lost adventurer to discover it. But instead of holding a terrifying secret or some crazed lunatic, it’s a friendly reference to a classic fairy tale.

Here you may notice 3 bears wandering outside, a Large male, a smaller female and a small cub. Each are landscape mobs and the cub will follow you.

The house stands out as the only structure in the woods aside from a small house with a family some ways to the northwest. Before the stoop there’s a small gnome staring into the darkness of the forest.

Unpon entering you will see a cozy cabin of rohan. Nothing stands out until you look at the details of the room. Three chairs sit in front of the fire, three bowls sit, partially eaten, on the kitchen table, and 3 beds line the wall to the right. In the smallest one, a small blond girl sleeps.

IF you feel like finding this cabin, hike to 72.2S, 58.5W, south of Beaconwatch.

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