Father Of Winter

It’s that time of year again! The snow’s falling in Winter-Home, people are smothering beggars with their horses and Standing Stone Games are delivering on brand-new designs that really are pleasing!

For this outfit I wanted to do something a little more bold. Stepping out from the light blues of last year’s outfit, this outfit has more of the “folk-santa” look with a bit of brawn from Bjornmund.

This look incorporates some of the better pieces that I’ve gotten from this festival over the past two years. The shoulders from last year mixed so well with the chest-piece of this year that I had most of an outfit already.

I’ve said it every SINGLE time I make a yule festival outfit, but this is still one of my favorite festivals. Something about the beautiful town and surrounding area never makes me feel bored or tired of it.

This is also the first of the Beorning Cosmetics that I’ve featured! I’m planning on making a good many more in the future! Enjoy the Festival and the Holidays!

Head: Traveller’s Hood: Burgundy : Availible from the Store

Shoulders: Fur Mantle | Walnut Brown | Availible from the Yule Rewards Vendor

Chest: Vestments of the Northern Sky| Burgundy | Availible from the Yule Rewards Vendor

Hands| Ceremonial Engraved Iron Gauntlets| Burgundy | Dunland Quest Reward

Feet | Dirtied Work Boots | Washed | Beorning Intro Quests

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