Happy Harvest Festival! Come and join the hobbits of the shire in the latest installment of treats and tricks in this most notable of festivals. Looking for spookes and scares? Look no further than the newly renovated Wistmead!


The Camp of Wistmead is your haunted destination for a set of brand new thrills and frights. All the result of great toil and hard work by crafts-hobbits who worked to achieve the vision of [hobbit name here].


The tastes of the festival are abundant with great feasting tables featuring seasonal dishes prepared with that hobbit-kitchen care that we’ve all come to know and love. Pies, meats and even a special brew for the festival are all waiting for your appetite!

Festival Grounds

If it’s fun you’re looking for, a brand new wheat-maze promises a grand time for the whole family. Wander the ways here looking for your way out. Who knows what you might encounter along the way!


For the more adventurous, Wistmead offers foggy trails, a graveyard, a mysterious pond and other ruined locations for you to explore. Many of the abandoned structures have been here on the land for many long years. Though not much is known of the acreage before it’s abandonment and recent renovation, each structure holds secrets just waiting to be explored!


Please not that Wistmead staff and ownership are not responsible for any lost, damaged or cursed, personal belongings, tweens, or children. The lands here are theatrically built to frighten and some may find the experiences, unsettling, and even ‘adventurous‘. If you are not one to partake in such spirits and uncomfortable ventures, the staff kindly ask you to not participate.

“Smashing! – A wonderful success!” – The Old Took Society

“We can only hope there will be something grand found in the haunts of the wonders in Wistmead” – The Mathom House

4/5 Gaffer’s Thumbs up | 90% Rotten Lobielia’s


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