Another Yule festival has come and gone (and will come again apparently Feb 15th) Seems like the Free People’s just can’t get enough of this festival! And who can blame them? One of the merriest times of the year for more of us than just the U.S. players.


This year Humpadink took the role of villain in the Yearly meta quest for the festival. In assisting the mayor and his interests he has attained a high point of authority, and ensured that the power remains at the top of the bureaucracy.


His new station also comes with a fancy new outfit! With the new dyes trade-able for festival tokens I decided to revamp last years Yule-Fest outfit.


With Moria Silver and Belegaer Blue being the colors to trade I thought it gave the outfit a frosty look and fit the occasion perfectly!


Head: Extravagant Festival Cap : Festival Item : Belegaer Blue

Shoulders: Yule Scarf : Moria Silver

Back: Cloak of the Inn League : Festival Item : Moria Silver

Chest: From-bréost : Quest drop from Dunland : Belegaer Blue

Feet: NONE! this is a hobbit’s outfit of course!


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