Rune Satchel Notes: Into Ancient Lands pt. 2

January 13th TA 3018

A great amount has transpired since my last entry. I first connected with The elves at Echad Dunnan. It was here that I was surprised to see that there were dwarves active in the area. Though i was made aware that there had been some trade routes that had recently been re-established in the north and the west towards the blue mountains, I was interested to learn that they had been looking around the steps of Moria.


Though it has been some hundred years since any attempt was made by the dwarves to regain their home of old, I and a great many other elves encamped there still did not believe that this was a wise decision. But as dwarves are stubborn they would not hear us. They have been scouting the area as well and have, at times, handled some of the orcs for us. For now, their presence has been a benefit to us. But I fear that they will not be much use as soon as their mission in Moria fails, as all endeavors of this kind have before.


For now Echad Dunnan is safe and we were able to focus on the surrounding areas. The ruins in the plains to the south have become spotted with camps of men of the south, allies of Isenguard. Their purpose thus far is uncertain though they have been found to follow an orc captain. We’ve guessed that they are being used as messengers for Saruman.


After interacting with them we found that they were in fact hostile, though this surprised us very little it was a threat that had to be dealt with. And so we did take out the orc leader and remove the camp from the wild. Most of the remaining wild men retreated back to their master with disappointing news.

The orcs continue to flee from us and their last few captains have been destroyed. Thus their number has greatly decreased in the area, and the last few remaining pose little threat and have been seen heading south, we can assume only to head home to Isenguard.

Echad Mirobel

My journey thus far has led me to the school and library at Tham Mirdan. These ancient halls of knowledge are believed to house great secrets of old. And with the ground before them cleared of the enemy, we can begin researching and recovering the knowledge here. I’ll be sending a full report to the Valley asking for scholars young and old to come and help us research and recover these halls, and move the knowledge to Rivendell as we can.


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