Rune Satchel Notes: Into Ancient Lands

January 8th TA 3018

A great charge has been set on me from Lord Elrond. As he was pleased with my service and part in the rescue of the captives from the Goblin Town tunnels. He has sent me with the charge into the ancient land of Eregion.

Since my time here in The Valley, I’ve looked toward the south with a wonder of the great lore and history to be recovered in the ruins there. In the overgrown remnants of an age gone by, there is lost elven history of the second age, where once there was a great and vast land now there is only a forest grown wild without the care of the elves who once called it home.

Lord Elrond has had the foresight to send me along with others to recover what we may from the ruins there. We hope that the lore and relics found there may restore some of the missing parts of history here and help piece together some of the old crafting techniques. and the culture that our elders cannot remember.


Though I feel that there is much to learn there is an uneasiness about the camps here. Elves still look over their shoulders at night when the shadows grow long. Something has changed this land and everyone can feel it.

Though the road has been dangerous with threats of brigands and beasts, there has been some progress in retrieving some artifacts and texts from the ruins across the land. Though orcs and ruffians have come to ravage the ruins they are easily removed and the ruins have been largely reclaimed for the elves.

Echad Eregion

Pembar revealed a breeding program by Isenguard. Several half-orcs claimed the area for “Sharkey” which we can only imagine is their slang for Saruman. This breeding ground was designed to attack Rivendell as soon as the number of worms grew great enough. However because of the vigilance of some of the elven hunters and scouts the ruins were soon reclaimed for the Elves and the eggs and orcs destroyed.

After searching the ruins there we were able to reclaim what seems to be a piece of lore of the old ring-forging process used in the forges of this land. This was the major finding here, some more, minor artifacts were found but nothing that surpassed the lore found in the rubble. It will take some time, but we will bring that lore back to study in the Library.

Barad Morlas

Barad Morlas was the sight of a wolf and dog breeding program by another group of orcs. By pairing a dog with a trainer, the enemy. This made it more difficult for us to find information further before attacking because of the raised awareness that their wolves and dogs had. So much was the raised awareness that one of our scouts was captured. This gave us a great disadvantage. As the orcs had grown curious as to our involvement in the region, and had not heard anything from Penbar for two days, they immediately sent out pleas for aid and messengers to the remaining camps in the area.

Though we caught and stopped many messengers we can no longer assume that we have the element of surprise. The orcs will be watching the area closer now.

Barad Morlas too was reclaimed after the scramble with the messengers and scouts. We have continued searching and retrieving artifacts from an age long past and we will seek to re-learn the old methods of forging, unlocking the knowledge of our ancestors, and for some of us, our friends.

I have been asked to discern weather or not the lands here would be safe to travel through. Though there is some to see ahead, If we continue the way that we have I would say that come next month the land would be cleared of the enemy presence enough for any errand to be covert to the eyes of Isenguard.



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