It’s Sindarin name meaning “Land of the Holly” and better known to men as simply “Hollin” this land has seen times of peace and great prosperity, as well as a great war and discourse. Eregion was ruled by Celeborn and Geladriel in the second age after the War Of Wrath had destroyed nearly half of Middle Earth. This  there were many great elven forges that crafted the finest jewelry. The resources for which came from the nearby mines of Moria.


The peace with the dwarves meant a very prosperous relationship for both. The dwarves sold and bought from the Elves and the Elves did the same with the dwarves.


This peace lasted until the Second Age 1350 where the War of the Elves of Eregion and Sauron. Who had crafted the nine rings for the race of men, and the dwarves and deceived the Elves until his discovery. The ensuing war destroyed the land and the ties with the dwarves of Khazad-Dûm.

Lady Geladrial and Celeborn crossed the Misty mountains and founded Lorien. Other refugees went to Lindon, on the shores of the Sea. The Remaining group followed Lord Elrond and founded Imladris, to the north.

The land has been left alone to it’s own devices and the elven ruins are still visible in some places. Even though the land has grown more wild there still is a great beauty that remains.


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