There are many stories and folktales of the Borrow Downs of Breeland. The men of the nearby town tell stories of princes and kings and monsters that hunt at night. These are tales to to keep children close and at home. But these hills and mounds are more than that and hold a greater mystery and legend than merely bedtime stories.


The Barrow Downs were first inhabited by the race of men, tied to the first men in Arda, the Edain. They lived there for a time until the Easterlings moved through the area. After the War of Wrath that destroyed much of middle earth, forming it into it’s most recognized from where the Blue Mountains line the coast of the Great Sea, the Edain returned to the area and re-settled.


During the second age Elendil claimed lordship over Arnor and the Barrow Downs were incorporated into the kingdom. This place stood as a honored and well-revered burial place of the Kingdom of Cardolan. Great tombs and crypts were their kings and high officials were buried with multitudes of treasure and belongings.


After the fall of Arnor the People of Cardolan took refuge in the barrow downs and stayed there for some time. Out of Angmar there came a plague that killed many in Arthedain and Cardolan but Cardolan suffered the worst. The Dunedain retreated to the north were they resided for some time and through the second to third ages.


The Witch King of Angmar sent Spirits to haunt the barrow downs, preventing any recovery attempts by the remaining Dunedain over the years. Attempts until the Third Age were unsuccessful and they remain abandoned to today.


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