Though Humpadink rarely leads a ‘respectable’ life by hobbit standards, what with his “wandering off” down the Great East Road, he can still enjoy the facade of one who comes from the great houses of hobbits in the shire. After all There is a bit of Took still in his blood.


This outfit is designed to keep someone warm and maintain the appearance of wealth and respectability all the same. And the Yule Festival turned out to be a great time to show off a bit!


Humpadink did spend a lot of time gathering coins for a few choice pieces of clothing that we’ll be featuring in future articles, but there was not much complaint of any kind of cold or chafing. So we’re calling this outfit a success.


Hat: Shabby Cap – Olive – Sinter Festival

Shoulders: Yule Scarf  – Olive – Yule Festival

Chest: From-Breost – Burgundy – Duland Quests


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