Rivendell is one of the last bastions of thought and study in middle earth. The Last homely house holds many of the great works of the elves and ancient scholars of men as well. There are a few master scholars who have knowlege of other languages and there they take students and teach others in their art form.


With the right tools scholars travel to ancient sites and wander the wilds where great kingdoms once stood. There they look for the remnants of works of art or carvings that have withstood the ages of decay.


The garb is nothing fancy but elven all the same. There are several pockets for transporting finds from their source back to their studies. Warmth is a necessity when in the field and this outfit provides the cover from the elements that a traveller would need. boots keep the feet dry and gloves warm the hands as they dig through the snow.

Traveller’s Hood – umber – Store, Market

Shoulders of the Mighty Verse – umber – Enedwaith Trader

Surcoat of the Yeild – umber – Farmer’s Fare

Engraved iron Gauntlets – umber – Dunland Quests

Dunbog Watcher’s Studded Boots – black – Dunland Quests


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