A Member of the Gondorian court at Minas Tirith. This set holds a simplistic regalty. With deep blues that show power rather than fashion. The Shoulder piece displaying military victories and great strength in arms. Having formal combat training as well as riding a Nobleman would be effective in combat as well as tactics.


Having tactical expertise the king would have need for him in the darkening times. a master of strategy and battlefield maneuvers, hw would have the responsibility in commanding some arm of the military on the field should there come a need for him.


I wanted something that would fit a large body-type well and fit a heroic personality. The blue was the first time i really used steel blues in any of the outfits that i’ve made.


The chest was a softer and mroe organized set and i felt that fit with the new charatcter models of Gondor. The blu as well would have come from Gondor and it makes sence that a high-ranking military official would have such garments.


This was also the only outfit that I have actually liked using the shoulder guards in, which I think look more Gondorian than any other faction in LOTR.

Shoulders: Dpen-Palvais – Steel Blue

Chest: Boar Clansman Sentry’s Jacket – Steel Blue

Gloves: Ceremonial Engraved Iron Gauntlets – Umber –

Boots: Dirtied Work Boots – Default – Beorning Starting


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