October 16, T.A. 3017

After I sent the message to Rivendell I made my way further up to the high passes of the misty mountains there I connected with one of our scouts in charge of watching dwarven and Giant movements there. After being stationed there for a few months he could tell me that the population of Dowerhand dwarves in the area had increased. They seemed to have some interest in dealing with the Giants in that area.

This at first game me some alarm and I decided to look into the matter and find what progress that they had made. I scouted the Giant Halls and found the Stone Table, where, in the past, dealings could take place with the giants without fear of danger. However as I approached in plain sight to the table the giants turned and threatened attack. As I tried to explain I was there on peaceful terms they began to hurl rocks at me. Needless to say the dwarves will have some work ahead of them and I don’t believe that there will be any real progress soon.

After Learning this I continued north to Vanderhal. There I was able to meet and asses the situation of the Goblins in that area. There seemed to be a camp not far from there that was causing some problems but, after some days of scouting and preparing, dealt with the threat by destroying their production of an explosive compound. Mithrandir, who had been staying in Rivendell on business of his own was able to help us with this.

After this there was not much else to report, the wargs in the area are scarce and linger the the far northeast and the goblins, after our aforementioned interactions were scattered and for a time should not present much of a threat. I will be returning to Rivendell in a few days to complete my scout of the Misty Misty mountains and complete my report with Lord Elrond.



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