October 14, T.A. 3017

I left Rivendell two days after I had written my last letter. My time there was, again, peaceful and restful. I then set my sights toward the Misty Mountains. Leaving Rivendell for the mountains is a rather steep climb but still not too impossible. And what’s more there are elven guard on the road for a time protecting it and keeping it.

Upon arrival i the lower drifts of the Mountians there is not much activity. The road is covered with snow but does reappear depending on the weather. As for the weather: it snow nearly every day and occasionally i was met with harsh winds that drove the snow. Something I believe we could solve with better trail management and perhaps shelters prepared closer to  the road.

Never the less I was able to make it to the outposts of Lord Gloin, who I am glad to say is in good health and who’s beard ever grows longer. The outpost is home to both dwarves and elves. These elves, I have found are scouts of Rivendell who have kept watch over the misty mountain trails since the excursion of Lord Thorin and Co. For this same reason Lord Gloin has maintained watch over the path and has taken special interest in the goblins that plague that land.

After some time of learning what i could about the area I continued on to an outpost in the higher pass. Where I had found dwarves who were tasked with watching a Dowerhand encampment. Here they were set to maintain the alliance between the Dowerhands and the giants who live here was to never come to fruition.  Yes even in the frozen wastes of the Misty Mountains these faithless followers and thieves look to make a foothold through some dark alliance.

However I have, through working with these dwarven scouts, re-acquired a lost treasure of the Misty Mountains which i can be happy to say i will be returning with when my  work here is done.

After assessing the situation with the Dowerhands I passed through towards a final dwarven outpost at the peaks of the misty mountains. But it was here were I had to wade through the most amount of goblin trash and wargs. Though more difficult than the goblins I had encountered in the past they were dealt with and Thorin was notified so there should no longer be any real threat for travellers.

Upon reaching the First outpost at Vingurhal, i was asked to help assist with goblins making a weapon that would have been used to great effect. They had found a way to craft some crude explosion that would be used on the battlefield as a throw-able bomb or projectile. with some help of the Wizard Gandalf the Grey, whom  met and conversed with in Rivendell I was able to destroy their concentration and production center, just a camp full of mangled goblins with wounds likely from failed experiments and a cauldron, and the threat has dissipated and will be monitored as i have also brought this to the attention of Lord Gloin.

After the Goblin threat was dealt with I pressed on a bit further to the outpost at Hrimbarg. Here two dwarves still hunt and gather resources for us and were happy to hear that the road had been cleared.  I assisted with tending to one of them, Thorgest, who had sustained an injury at the hands of the wild-men that roam the far southeast of that region. The threat there was dealt with but they informed me that there were constant threats from the worms and wolves and that more dwarves would be needed to bring this trade post fully back to full function.

Therefore the road is open and the trade can recommence as it had been in the past. I can recommend that there would be an offer for any young dwarf who is strong in spirit and looking for his profit in trade or hunting to come to the misty mountains in support of this thriving hunting loge. With this source for raw materials coming back along with the coin made from the other settlements we have only to profit from our interests now.

I’m glad to say that I have mailed this letter upon returning to Lord Gloin’s camp and am on my way back to Thorin’s hall with my first trade mission complete.

May your Beard grow ever Thicker!




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