October 2, T. A. 3017

Here begins the transcript of Dwenar of the Misty mountains, Emissary for Lord Dwalin of the Longbeards.


Lord Dwalin has seen it necessary to ensure prosperous and healthy trade routes in all of our interests from Thorin’s Hall. Reports had reached us of difficulties and dangers disruption trade and dwarven caravans on the road. This has moved Lord Dwalin to send out Tradesmen and emissaries such as my self to find the source of the problem so that trade may continue as it has.

My first objective was to ensure that there was a clear path through the east road through the Town of Bree and on into the Trollshaws to our outposts in the Misty Mountains. And gladly I can say that thus far the trip has been little other than enjoyable. Even the weather has been clear and dry for the greater part of the journey. Bree still seems as busy as it has always been and full of markets still eager for our dwarven toys and machines.

After staying here for a night at the Pony, still an establishment of high regard, i set out the next morning. The road from Bree was rather quiet and mostly clear. Upon approaching the lone lands i did find incidence of a band of goblins that had assaulted and destroyed a traveling convoy. Needless to say I looked into the matter personally and Resolved it.

I had heard this news from the owner of a local inn there. It was quite dilapidated and it’s plain to see that if we can reestablish trade in this area the longings may improve as well. However, until then i would not recommend staying there, The roof does appear as if it would fall at the slightest breeze.

Because of these given arrangements I had decided to continue on to the Trollshaws. The remaining Lone Lands seemed rather quiet and perhaps too quiet. The air was the only thing that made noise there. But all the same the path was clear for a large part of the way. That is until I came across a band of Dowerhands.

Yes, unfortunately it seems that the brigands have seemed to find a foothold out here in these barren lands. What was worse is their allegiance with the orcs here. I cannot say as to weather this obtainable alliance is true across Eriador but here it was so. Seeing this as a possible threat the matter has also been dealt with and both the Dowerhands and their Orc allies will not pose a threat to our economic interests in this region.

Continuing on i took not of a rather large setttlement at Ost Guruth. I found a small, but still funcioning market here where coin can still be made. As I gathered information here I found that hte rising issues with orcs and spicders from nearby ruins could make this a lucritive trade for our Dwarven arms and armour. Especially so with the relics that they trade who both the Men of Bree and the elves both pay highly for.

I stayed one night here in meager lodgings and continued to the Trollshaws the following day. Though I don’t have much tast for forests, about as much as the next dwarf) I still find this land captivating. The leaves and paths here seem still so vibrant though notably not as green as they once were. After contacting a few scouts who were protecting the road, a courtesy that not many of the other settlements were able to provide, I made it to Rivendell.

I’m happy to say that there is still a very hospitable attitude toward dwarves here. Though perhaps less of an interest in our crafts. As the elves alwas seem to be, their arts are what they prefer. However, for the traveller it is a placeof beauty and rest.

That will be my order of business as I prepare for the trek into the Misty Mountains in search of our interests there. I will write again within a week. For now the rad is cleared to Rivendell and I would recommend preparing caravans and sending them out as soon as possible to the settlements mentioned above to continue our prosperous year.



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