As Eolthier pushes through the misty mountains he’s coming to realizes the extremes of this landscape. The Misty Mountains have their great dangers and serve as a home for many dark creatures and great dangers but there is also beauty in the drifts and the snow-covered trees.



In his Log He writes: “The misty mountains are as treacherous as they are ancient…” “Many beasts roam about in the snow and great storms stir up, who’s strength and force are nearly unnatural.”


He is however prepared for this exploration. His cloak gives him the same shine as the snow on a clear morning, and blends him into his surroundings in the event of a swift storm. Here it’s better to never be found rather than stand out.stand

His armor does protect him as he encounters the dangers that he should encounter. The metal does not shine too much to shine against the storms and assists in the cloaking of the wearer.


Shoulders: Shoulder Guards of the Spear Way: White : Isenguard Warden Armour

Back: Hooded Cloak of Many Worlds: Default: check your inventory….

Chest: Ceremonial Lesser Blade of the West Brestplate: White: Skirm Trader

Gloves: Ceremonial Heremaib: White: Skirm Trader

Legs: Defenders of the West Leggings: White: Hero trader in Enedwaith

Boots: Ceremonial superior Sellsword’s Boots: White: Skrim Trader


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