October 13, TA 3017


I have left Rivendell once more, This time heading north to the Misty Mountains. I’ve been sent to scout the passes for their integrity should any travelers need to pass through. here to offer aid to Normelgir, one of the scouts of Rivendell. He has been there, they have said for roughly 5 years and has been watching the goblins and other fell beasts in the vicinity of his camp, Vindurhal.

The climb into the mountains was difficult and took some time. I have taken a few favors with me as well. One such favor is the retrieving of any artifacts that I may find here. And the search may prove easier than I had earlier thought of. The snow lurkers seem to have an niche for finding these pottery pieces in the snow.

The mountains thus far seem rather well-organized. The only real danger is directly to the north where Bears and Snow-beasts seem to have made their homes. The hunting is good up there, however and I managed to secure a strongbox that the dwarves were glad about.

I spent a night at the Camp of the dwarves where Lord Gloin has made his Headquarters. The night was peaceful for the most part. There was, at one point a darkness that passed across the north sky. After which there was only silence and snowfall. After asking Lord Gloin if the occurrence was regular, he only would say that the mountains are not to be trusted, even the weather is normal here.

The following morning I received an assignment from Lord Gloin, to head to the north and scout the dealings of the men encamped at the ancient ruins the Dwarves have come to call The Bitter Stair. According to their scouts there had been some increased activity and population up that way of men from the south. Not much else was known of their intent there.

I proceeded up the slopes and at about noon the ruins came into sight. The stones stood somewhat silent and the ruins looked to be somewhat busy but there was a dark feeling that lingered as you approached. at the point where I first felt the danger I posted the sign as requested by Lord Gloin.

In an attempt to gain a better view of the ruins and the activities therein I managed to stumble over two dwarves that held a small camp just south of the ruins. Their only useful information was that the night before there had been a strange darkness that passed over the camp and seem to cloud the entire mountain. Their fire was still lit but the light could hardly shine enough for them to see each other though they were standing next to each other.

Although the could not see anything they described the feeling as a sever uneasiness, there was no sound, not even the wind, just a feeling of nervousness that they both shared. Nothing could be said for the clouds overhead. There was nothing unusual the rest of the night, and eventually the felling passed.

After placing the sign and scouting as much of the ruins without being seen I took my report back to Lord Gloin’s camp who then sent a message back to Rivendell. I will stay the night here and press on again in the morning.


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