The race of men stand apart from the other races of middle earth for their bravery in combat and also their inner power of inspiration. Once inspired the race of men can overpower and become a stronger race than the dwarves and a swifter race than the elves. The spirit of a man is a malleable entity that holds great power.


The captain is the artist. Knowing how to rally his allies in the fight against darkness. All the more so is a captain of the Rangers. Last few of the bloodline of Numenor. They lead, hidden still in the fight against the encroaching darkness. This captiain is a master of stealth. He is required to be in the field for extended lengths of time watching and planning.


His clothes are rugged and dark with dirt. This provides a dark color that hides him from unfriendly eyes as he travels the wilds and organizes the ranger’s vigil.


Head: Ceremonial Arrow of the West Helmet : Grey : Skirm. Cosmetic Vendor

Shoulders: Fine Grey company Wrap: Default: Epic Quests (Isenguard)

Chest: Medium Nadhin Jacket: Grey : Epic Quests (gondor)

Cloak: Plain Cloak : Grey : Any Outfitters

Gloves: Ceremonial Engraved Iron Gauntlets: Umber : Dtore, (also available from Dunland Quests)

Boots: Dirtied work Boots: Default : Beorning Opening


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