As the War of the Ring drew to a close the Relations between the Dwarves and the remaining Elves grew together once again. This Outfit is inspired by what a dwarven ambassador to Rivendell would have worn. The garb is light but with enough weapons to protect oneself while traversing the wilds. The green is a tad unusual for a dwarf but not entirely removed from the Dwarven culture. The sheild, axe and Crossbow all feature intricate Dwarven designsignifying the importance of the Dwarven culture but the green and more natural flow of the garb displays hints of Elven culture as well.


This come to the point that if the two Races did once again continue trade and commerce, as with any two civilizations that interact there will be some cultural Meshing. This can lead to some disruption of normal life and peace at times but in total after cultures interact there is a shift to a type of melting pot civilization. The two begin to interact and after longer exposure the two converge and mix.


The Dwarven ambassador would have the job of working with the major cultural strongholds of both races and would have the responsibility of displaying the Dwarven culture without offending the elves as well. Therefore the wisest choice of garment would be one that honors both peoples.


Head: [Ceremonial Doom-hunter’s Helm] : default – Skirm Camp

Shoulders: [Mariner’s Shoulder pads] – Store or Market -Olive

Chest: [Boar Clansman Sentry’s Jacket] – Dunland Quests – Olive

Gloves: [Dunland Marcher’s Leather Gauntlets] – Dunland Quests – olive

Back: [Hobbit Archer’s Quiver] – Store or Market – Olive

boots: [Dirtied Work Boots] – Beorning Starter Shoes – default


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