Perhaps the most mysterious of the professions, the Scholar collects fragments of lost lore and attempts to interpret their secrets. By doing so, he can create scrolls for other craftsmen to read and improve their chances of producing a superior product. Other practical applications include lore by which specific enemies (orcs, trolls, the dead) might be best combated, dyes, and cures for various maladies.


I have to admit that this Robe I did find on one of the manikins and i want to formally apologize for not knowing it’s origins my gut says that it’s from Wildermore but for now it’s the Mariner’s Robe. With the majority of the other pieces from Dunland quests the piece came together well.  The Burgundy color brings a contrast to the other brown accessories.


This outfit works great for anyone interested in the scholarly arts, it provides cover from the elements on the dangerous research projects and conceals any valuables in the cities. The garb is comfortable and still usable.


Head: Traveller’s Hood – Brugundy – Store

Shoulders: [Storyteller’s Fur-lined Mantle – (Default) Umber – Dunland Quests

Chest: “mariner’s Robe” – Burgundy – Store – apologies for not knowing the actual name – let me know if you do!

Feet: Padded Shoes of the Dunland Soothsayer -Burgundy – Dunland Quests


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