This is an outfit I’ve wanted to do for quite a while. Really ever since i started playing a Hobbit Minstrel who could farm and cook i really wanted to have a good farmers outfit. this truly has been a long time coming, Humpadink was not the first hobbit i ever had but definitely the one I’ve taken the furthest.


The straw hat was a must, it’s iconic and simple. I wanted to have some form of overalls but I went with the Dunland shirt because i felt it looked more formal, but in my mind hobbits of the shire dress nicer than their cousins in Enedwaith. I wanted him to have blue jeans because every farmer needs a good pair. I felt that having the finger-less gloves would have a nice contrast to the rest of the outfit and that they looked worn enough to be farming gloves.


His pack is for the road! He can cook well, but he doesn’t need a kitchen. In this pack he can carry everything he could need for the journey ahead. The lamp was one of my favorite parts, it functions as the cosmetic weapon. I was thinking about a pan but in this case i felt the lamp looks the best. Even though the pan would look much more Samwise The Brave. Perhaps I’ll use it in a future update. 😉


I was able to get some nice shire shots since i was running between Sandson’s farm and Hobbition with the festival. I also feel that this is the perfect time to share this outfit with the festival running. The straw hat is available at the cosmetic vendors in the skrim camp. The pack is available in Lailia’s market for a few mithril coins.



Head: Straw Hat – Default – Skirm Cosmetic Trader

Back: Cook’s Trappings – Default – Skirm Cosmetic Trader

Chest: Arth-Crus – Default – Dunland Quests

Gloves: Any kind of finger less Gloves – Default

Legs: Any kind of plain pants from Dunland – Navy

Held: Lantern – The Farmer’s Faire


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