No one really knows where the other two wizards went, they had the same purpose as Gandalf, Radaghast and Saruman, to hold back the threat of Melcor and protect Arda from the darkness that spread by offering wisdom and, at times, yet only rarely use their power to protect the free peoples. The two blues did for a time do this but at some point the only rumor heard of them was that they had gone to the east and south, but were never heard from again.


This outfit is for a Runekeeper or Lore-master. Runethiar has been needing some new clothes and i came across a few o f these pieces by luck and the others I’ve managed to pull together from several different pieces.


I was going for a sort of ranger look given the fact that the wearer would be traveling a lot and having a baggy robe would make navigating any kind of terrain difficult.

The boots i got from my beorning who may be appearing in some future outfits as well.The chest piece  got from the Isenguard armor trader who now accepts Skrim marks and Medallions rather than instance-specific articles which is great for the cosmetic people! The elf form is difficult to drape things over their shoulders but these wilder more shoulders fit exceptionally.


Head: Traveller’s Hood – Navy – Market and Store

Shoulders: Gwir-palvais – Steel Blue – Wildermore Quest

Chest: Jaket of the Pear Way: Navy – Isenguard Warden Trader

Gloves: Dunland Marcher’s Leather Gauntlets -Walnut Brown – Dunland Quests

Boots: Dirtied Work Boots – [Default] Umber – Starting Beorn Class


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