With the server mergers imminent and the influx of new players oer the summer i thought a mild introduction to the cosmetic system would be in order.

I wanted to write a short guide and a few pointers from things I’ve learned in assembling my own outfits and armor.

Wardrobe Space

This is the foundation of cosmetics, without your wardrobe you’re stuck with whatever you can craft and bind to your character.


With the Wardrobe you can share your items across your entire account. Any of  your chars can wear any category of armor (heavy, med., light) cosmetically, regardless of class. You can also wear armor that out levels you. On top of this you don’t have to waste dying and re-dying pieces for different outfits. The Wardrobe will store every color that you apply to a piece.

The Skrim Camps


Never underestimate the availibility of the skirm camps. With old loot in the “classic” trader and the various weapons and sheild that you can find in instances and raids, and you can save yourself the time of farming and hoping for the dropps to happen. Also they can give you ideas of craftable armour that you can find so you can spend your points on other things.

With the most recent update to the game, you can now find a wide variety of weapon types, especialy the individual weapons that can’t be crafted. Skrim camps give you options for outfits that you never had before.

Outfit Slots


Assuming you’re a free to play player, you currently start out with two cosmetic slots per character. As anything with Lotro, you can buy more with turbine points. I find it useful to keep the outfits you like the most or any that you may use for RolePlaying with other people. These outfit slots tent not to be too expensive and are the same price, by which i mean they don’t get more expensive the more you buy them.



Dyes are really what makes an outfit stand out. If you simply took the basic armor that you started with but coordinated the colors with dyes you’d stand out against the other players stuck with their regular colors. However this is where cosmetics can become difficult. with the Prices in the Auction House you can go broke very quickly. Mithril coins aren’t in an abundance when you begin playing either, so the option of buying them in bulk from Lalia’s market isn’t an option either. But there’s hope!

I recommend having a scholar in your ranks. Beside the usual buffs scholars can make dyes for your characters ,often for free. And when you’re out of materials they don’t usually cost nearly as much as dyes do in the AH. Scholars are a must have for their dyeing skills.MetalTapestry


Yeah, check out other people. you know you do it anyways just this time pay attention to their outfits. Some people will be anon, but try to see what other people are wearing and keep your eye out for inspiring things that you like. Even people at low levels can have great outfit ideas. Simply select the right-click the other person”s name and health bar and select ‘inspect’ this will show you their bio as well as their equipment and cosmetic outfits. Never be too proud or afraid to try this.

That’s really all there is, it takes some practice and a little bit of resources but it’s gotten much easyer over the years to really find and put together something nice. be patient and try different things, the only really hard part is not saving everything you find. Enjoy!ShirtsBags


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