The floor was wet, but with what he couldn’t tell. The pitch black lay out before him. he stepped forward into a puddle of some unknown liquid. Humpadink didn’t know why but he was beginning to feel sick. He straitened out and took a step back and collected himself. He stepped to the side where he found footing and walked to what should have been the center of the room. He felt the air grow colder and his uneasiness grew worse.

There was no noise now and no sound of the wind from upstairs. It was the first time he noticed the silence, it was utter silence. The air seemed to stand still. He decided to try to look for the doorway to his room. he shuffled over towards the wall where he remembers the doorway lying. feeling along the wall and walking he began to realize that the room had seemed to grow. he continued down the passage.

The wall grew wet and slimy, he continued on occasionally he stepped in a puddle and felt even more sick. He pushed on wondering where had the door gone. It went this way for a few minutes until his foot hit something.

It wasn’t hard like a rock, it was soft, and it gave a little. It was wet like the floor but warm, Humpadink began to get alarmed, there was this smell.

He stepped over whatever it was and started running. Just as soon as he did the room lit up, and he stopped dead. the floor was covered in blood. There were puddles on the floor and pieces of  flesh laying in them. he stopped to look behind him at what the object was that lay on the floor and he say only a part of a man. He gagged, the smell was repugnant and made him gasp. across his room there was a chair lying on it’s side and what looked to be a body lying next to it.

He couldn’t move but just as soon as he thought of running there was a noise. A breath. it was long and drawn out as if something had not breathed in years and suddenly but not all hurriedly refilled it’s lungs again. The air grew cold again and felt as if it started to move. It moved from one end of the room towards the chair and body.

There arose a strange glow over the body at the far end of the room and, to Humpadink’s disgust the body started moving, one of it’s legs stuck out and it’s right hand grasped at the ground. He watched in horror as the bod crept this way towards the char. It stopped moving for a second. Humpadink breathed. Suddenly the body pushed up with it’s arms. ‘snap’ went it’s spine and it’s face looked on Humpadink. He shuddered there was no skin on the face and the mouth hung open. it stood up, bones cracking as it did. It stood and stared at him for a moment and Humpadink stared back. It’s bones were extruding out of it’s spine and parts of it’s arm. All was silent for a second, until suddenly the body let out a scream and charged at Humpadink  he stepped back and let ut a shout  where he reached for his belt but found that he had not picked up his sword.

he took off in the direction that he came from. running with everything he had he plunged back into the darkness with the corpse following close behind still screaming and cracking behind him. The light diminished and he hit the wall on the far side of the room and felt for his cot. hi pac was gone, he had nothing. Nothing he could hold to defend himself as the body continued to charge reaching with it’s arms and screaming with it’s broken mouth. he turned to face it, he didn’t know what he would od or why he bothered to stay in the basement at all. He held the wall and hopped trying to cling to something and climb the wall.

The body grabbed his ankle with surprising strength and pulled him down to the floor. He stared at it’s eyes glowing a pale blue with ghostly mists pouring from them. It let out a great scream and gripped his throat tight. he struggled breathing on its chest and arms the bone was exposed and the flesh fell off as he hit. he tried grabbing at anything but he felt his arms grow weaker his lungs hurt he kept trying at the hands that held his throat but they wouldn’t budge.

The room started to fade and the face of the corps faded too. He panicked and tried once more but his arms were too heavy, his body was too heavy, he couldn’t move at all. The dark room faded and all was black.


He started, he was covered in cold sweat. He looked up and he could see the light of the sconce in the hallway. he felt himself breathing and he felt for his pack, it was there, everything was just how he left it last night. He was laying on the floor looking out of his room. He couldn’t  have imagined what had just happened. he stood up, picked up his bag and threw it  on his shoulder he held his sword tightly as he rushed from the room and up the stairs, out of the basement.


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