With all the natural stealth that the hobbits posses, and the lore of Bilbo Baggins, master burglar, I wanted to put together a burglar outfit that provides the right materials and gear that the expert burglar would carry for any job.


With enough equipment to get him through every obstacle and yet not too much as to weigh him down this outfit focuses non being light an agile in order to avoid detection and escaping when, on the rare occasion, you find yourself in over your head.


The mask conceals your identity and also helps hide your face from the light. The hood will keep the elements away on those ‘wet’ jobs and keep you warm in the less civilized climates.


All of these piece s come from Dunland and are attainable through quests in that area and can be used for many different outfits. The set is great for anyone looking for some rugged looking Armour that fits good on a hobbit. this being my second real hobbit outfit I’m pleased with the way this turned out. I’m especially glad that i did finally find an outfit for my burg Gudrick who has been without a good outfits since I started him.


Head: Dunland Marcher’s Helmet – Grey – Dunland Quest

Shoulders: Dunland Caretaker’s Patched Mantle – Grey – Dunland Quest

Chest: Nightshade Jacket – grey -Dunland Quest

Gloves: Dunland Marcher’s leather Gauntlets – Grey – Dunland Quest

Boots: Dunbog Watcher’s Studded Boots – Grey – Dunland Quest



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