This outfit suits any looking to protect themselves but stay light on their feet. Elven Armour is known for it’s endurance and durability as well as it’s weight, or lack thereof. This outfit is built mainly of craft able materials, and early craft-able materials. With the most recent update and, finally, the launch of cosmetic weapons, I know that there will be a focus on the cosmetic system and even the new layers with low level characters will want to get their heroes in on it as well.


This starts as the elven iron armor available to journeymen armorers where I get the head and chest pieces. However the shoulders helmet and gloves at that level were pretty weak so as always when you can’t find anything good in your crafting panel, and before you go and spend some mithril coins at the market in Bree, look first into the skirmish camps, it doesn’t matter what level you are , as long as you have enough marks you can buy the item and place it in your wardrobe.


With this piece the shoulder guards are a set that you can find by running a few quests out by Annuminas in Evendim and there you can find other chain mail pieces if that suits your character and play style. The boots here are from the “In Their Absence” trader at Hardirion, in Enedwaith. There you can trade, Now since the armor pieces are trivial and no where near lvl cap, you skirmish marks and medallions for some individual style.


The came came from quests found in Dunland where you can find many other strange and stylish pieces for completing quests.

In total this set is a bit of everything and ranges from all over the level scale. It’s easy to change it up with a bit of dye and customize it to your liking. I would recommend, however to stay with earth tones as it contrasts the silver and grey mail the best.



Shoulders: Gaearanc – Default – Wardens of Annuminas quest reward

Chest: Elven Iron Armour, – Default – Craftable

Gloves: Agile Estenment Combat Gauntlets -black – Craftable

Cape: Ardent Cape of the Wold – Black – Rohan Quest Reward

Legs: Elven Iron Leggings – Black – Craftable

Boots:Defender of the West Boots – Enedwaith reward trader


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