lookAfter the fall of Erebor and the Desolation of Smaug the residents of the Lonely Mountain fled and wandered for many years. they eventually came to the Blue mountains and under the leadership of Thorin, they build a great city there and thrived. This piece is an option for what they would have worn. Traveling the wilderness and between city to city would have been rough and troublesome. Armour would have been too heavy to carry and march in over the long exodus that ensured after the Desolation.


Mud and dirt on the road would have effected the cloths and dyed them after a long amount of usage. The clothes would be lighter than Armour but still warm against the elements and cold nights. A hood provides a block from the sun and rain.


This is a very basic outfit but i still think that here is a wonderful simplicity to it. The greater pieces of this outfit can easily be found in the AH if you look ,or you maybe able to have someone craft them fro you (requires Guild Rep) It’s a simple starter outfit and would look good on a man character as well.


I think though, that it looks the best on a dwarf, this being one of the only good chest pieces besides heavy Armour and some robes. However the chest piece does not play well with other boots on a dwarf model and thus I remained with the boots. The gloves are from the original outfit for the same reason, they fit the best on a dwarf.


“…it’s a little tight across the chest.” – Gimly

Chest: Strong Eastemnet Combat Armour, dyed Umber (Craftable – Tailor’s Guild)

Head: Traveller’s Hood, dyed Umber (Craftable – Tailor’s Guild)

Gloves: Strong Estemnet Combat Gauntlets, Dyed Umber (Craftable – Tailor’s Guild)

Back: Ardent Cloak Of the Wold, Dyed Umber, (Dunland drop)

Boots: Vital Estemnet Combat Boots, Dyed Umber (Craftable – Tailor’s Guild)


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