ScreenShot00229When the Eastfold went live I really got excited, there was more of the iconic Rohan that we picture in the books and watch in the movies. But I was not disappointed when after a few quests and some mounted combat you are directed the Aldberg, the hometown of Eomér. One of my favorite characters in the books, yes even before Gimly or Legolas, I was excited to be able to see where he came from and the culture there. Though it doesn’t differ greatly from that of the rest of Rohan I still love this town to this day!



ScreenShot00233My excitement continued when I was able to explore the other areas of the Eastfold before hitting Edoras. I love the town of Fenmarch and it’s location in the swamp. where normally you would expect the typical sludge and moss, you get swans and a misty almost dreamy location on theEntwash. It’s as if the river’s origin gave it magical properties that illuminate the swamps here.ScreenShot00234


ScreenShot00002 (2)With a little more venturing I entered Beaconwatch. Most of the area is dense forest, causing me to get lost often but proving a very interesting ride for my horse, and a test of his agility as well. But the reason I took the path through the forest and completed the quests was really all for the view. Probably one of the best in all of LOTRO.

ScreenShot00000 (2)

ScreenShot00001 (2)


Edoras did not disappoint, well I’ll be honest it did a little. I really did not like the horse fountain. It seemed to be playing up the Horse culture a little too much. that added with the fact that I didn’t; see the point of is rather than a meeting place in the center of town. The Meeting place was obviously the market, about a 100 feet away from the front of the fountain.ScreenShot00002

But all the same the Hall Of Meduseld, defiantly was as spectacular as I imagined! After an intense cardio workout up the stairs, the hall lays before you. It stands a reminder of the Might of Rohan and the Majesty of the land and people who live there. Though inside was more impressive. The dark, smokey interior of the hall was what interested me the most. playing true to the culture of the day the hall stands an accurate description and example of what it would be like to live in Rohan.ScreenShot00007 (2)

This expansion was just what I wanted when it came to exploring Rohan, I felt it has the right amount of culture mixed with action and the problems that they would have been facing. Though I would have preferred if they toned down the horse worship. I understand the king of Rohan was king of horses but the Throne was a bit much. I did however love the scroll work everywhere and the colors used for the kingdom.

ScreenShot00004 (2)


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