This has been an outfit several years in the making. I’ve been looking for a good ranger outfit and one that reflects the background and the experience that my character had recived from the different people groups and cultures that he’s interacted with.


that’s why there’s a rohan horse belt buckle and the shoulders from the Rangers outfit. Green and brown seemed to be the best color scheme to go with since it was rugged for a lightweight feel.

This has been the same outfit for a while and unless they come up with a really revolutionary piece of armor int he future I think it will stay this way for a while.



Head: Traveller’s Hood

Shoulders: Worn Ranger’s Wrap

Chest: Padded Curiass of Eastfold

Gloves: Ceremonial Secret of the West

Legs: Steel Leggings of the broadachres

Boots: Lesser vioce of the west shoes


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