As the rangers silently watched Eriador and the West from the encroaching darkness spreading from the South Greenwood then from Mordor, there was a frontier between the last homely house and the wilderness of enedwaith wherein the dunlandings lived. This frontier housed the ruins of the great forges of the elves of the first age. When Beleriand was complete and the gifts were made. Here the Elves lived happy and in ignorant bliss of the gifts they were receiving.


Here lies Eregion. full of the elf-ruins, you can’t really picture it without even understanding the elves sorrow. standing in those ruins where they once lived with close friends and loved ones who now have passed on from memory.


This is an early adaptation on my finalized (for now) Ranger Outfit. I started early and once i gained some more rugged clothes from the new cosmetic store and the Eregion trader I was able to come up with something that works out.




Head: Arrow of the West Helmet (trade-able for skrim marks now in Harndirion, Enedwaith)

Shoulders: Worn Rangers Wrap (available from quest line)

Chest: Armour of the Beacon: (or other similar Armour available in Dunland)

Gloves: Ceremonial Secret of the West Gauntlets (trade-able for skrim marks now in Harndirion, Enedwaith)

Boots: Ceremonial Dunbog Wathcer’s Studded Boots (quests in Dunland)



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