Tired of the heat before it’s really set in? don’t want to have to worry about air conditioning? How about a cool reception at another great chilly holiday location? Come to Forlaw! it’s many inns and taverns provide great chances of relaxation for the tired and a chance to cozy up with a warm mug and a hot meal. ScreenShot00006

Playing in the snow more your style? then look no further than the snow-covered hills surrounding our fair land! with wonderful rolling hills and few trees the slopes beg for a sled, or they’re ready to help get the first step with a snowman! Cross country skiing is also popular across our snow-blanketed planes!


Want to test your skill for the Rising Orc Threat? challenge our local champions and test your mettle!


Missing something from your trip? Need to go shopping for the right boots or scarf? Our Market holds all the wintry shopping your heart could desire! Look for your family’s christmas gifts and make sure they stay warm and dry in the snow this year! ScreenShot00008

Forlaw provides a view of the natural* ice obelisks forming in the distance as well as breath-taking views of our surrounding area and beach locations!


Visit Forlaw! it’s warm ale and people will keep you warm this summer and away from the heat!


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