Recently my characters have made it to the Trollshaws, And as usual the region is gorgeous with it’s perma-fall foliage. and the weather has been beautiful the past few days. I have been playing through on my Man champion Berenwulf, and when the sun hit about noon I took these pictures. These are the locations just outside Thorenhad and one of my favorite areas within this region.


If you haven’t played this area in a while or your dreading coming back to have to play back through all the group content just to get the reputation with the Elves of Rivendell, fear no longer. The Trollshaws were revamed some time last year and the changes make this region less of a headache to run through. There are about twice the amount of quests that are soloable and most of them are in some form of auto-bestowal. This makes the region become much more responsive to your character’s presence.


For instance this area gives you the opprotunity for quests to defeat the bears, birds, deer, wolves, and crawlers every day. Making Rep farming much easier than running after the handful of wights of Rhudaur in the north of the region.


So for me this entire region is now a real treat to quest through and on top of that if you play with a higher level of graphics you will notice the added foliage that makes the Trollshaws look more like a forest than just a reddish Lone Lands with more trees.


So if you haven’t already take some time to explore the revamped zones. And make sure to visit the Trollshaws and enjoy one of the most beautiful regions in the game.



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