An Agent of Thranduil, Representative of the Woodland Realm, though more wild than their Lothlorien kin, no less deadly. This hunter spends his time in the woods patrolling and ensuring the safety of the realm and guarding it’s borders.


The armor likewise comes as a piece that fits the woods that they are to protect. This set is largely a set of Lorien hunter armor that of course is inspired by the elves of Lorien. It’s simple and intricate but instead of using the original shoulders I made a substitute with these because i felt it fit the overall form of the set rather than adding just another sharp point.


The Quiver was Tricky because it was one of those pieces that just happens not to dye with the same color as the rest but instead of using an olive dye I used Ranger Green and you really can’t tell the difference.


The shoulders are random drops but are still pretty common at around lvl 15-25. The rest of the Armour I purchased through a Lalia’s market sale and I’ve not regretted it.


In total it gives a hunter like feeling and doesn’t fit awkwardly like some of the elf Armour tends to do. It does fit on other character types but fits best on the Elves Male and Female as well. Though i would not recommend it on a dwarf.


Shoulders – Leather Shoulder Guards of Might – Olive – Drop

Chest – Wayfinder’s Armour – Olive – Lorien Hunter Trader

Gloves – Wayfinder’s Gloves – Olive – Lorien Hunter Trader

Back – Quiver of Caras Galadhon – Ranger Green – Lalia’s Market

Legs – Wayfinder’s Leggings – Olive – Lorien Hunter Trader

Boots – Wayfinder’s Boots – Olive – Lorien HUnter Trader


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