It’s spring! The snow’s melted! The ground is thawing and the world turns greener and warmer every day. Spring is starting to come in full swing! The days of sun and fun will soon be upon us! And where better to spend those days than with a walk through the Shire!


With it’s many footpaths and natural trails, the Four Farthings of the Shire offer the adventurous the ability and escape that even the most discerning vacationer could want.lampPost

With adventure and sights to see at every turn the Shire holds many places to be explored. Such as this reclusive glade that remains disconnected from even the rural life of the hobbits.


There’s drinking and entertainment for the fun loving traveler looking for a new and active inn to let loose and share stories!

greenDragon ivyBush

The historian would find themselves quite impressed the the ruins that the shire holds. Many ancient secrets and history lie undisturbed and respected in the shire.

threeFarthingStone stockTower brandywineBridge

With the festivities, adventure and hospitality of the hobbits all the adventure and comforts of home await you in the Shire!



2 thoughts on “Spring Vacation Spotlight: The Shire

  1. My Mad Champ is TP grinding the SHIRE as we speak, would be much more peaceful sans irritating hobbits and their silly quests (75 quests for final life of a bounder 🙂 and do not get me started on the pie quests! (Strangely I do not mind the post quests!)

    1. I totally agree with that! Hate the pies love the post. I guess it’s because you actually feel like you’re getting something done when you’re running the post rather than running a bunch of pies only to have to get them back again!

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