As I was playing through with my Elven hunter I wanted to grab some pictures of Dillund at one of the nicest times of the day. With the moon sailing overhead everything looks like it’s glowing as the elves have that natural tenancy to do.

Really though, i wish there was more traffic in this section of Middle Earth and not even from players, but even more elves in general. Like in Rivendell when Bilbo visited and Frodo years later, the elves danced and sang in the moonlight. If only there were some more to show that fun-loving high spirited side of the elves.dillund11 dillund12

I love this old style of craftsmanship that Ered Luin elves have. to be honest, some of these old designs of the game are the styles that I like the best. perhaps it’s nostalgia but all the same. i really like this style.dillund14 Dillund5That’s it for now! hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Till next time! Safe travels!


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