This is a bold post; it’s hard to find or creat or even to simply claim that an outfit describes a class altogether. But that is exactly what I’m attempting to do!

With Garthvar each time I reach a previous lvl cap I collect the armor set for my warden. Mainly so he has protection for the next adventure but also so he can gain the lovely cosmetics in each region.

ScreenShot00115 ScreenShot00116

Here in my most favorite region of Enedwaith, I came across some outfits that I never knew were within reach outside of lalia’s market. And now I feel a little more than stupid about spending those mithril coins on them when I did.

These “In Their Absence” pieces used to be rare but obviously with the raised lvl cap has rendered them pointless. But once I rediscovered this cosmetic goldmine these individual armor sets stand out in the crowd of shiny new armor.

designed to look slightly worn, you won’t look like he night in shining armor but an experienced adventurer no matter what the class. But with this new armor I built the final warden outfit to rule them all.

The shoulders and boots I borrowed from the guard outfit but I thought that they belonged with the set. The armour come in blue if you get the high-end, teal set; otherwise they come in brown. But all the same they dye just as good. That why I bought the cheaper set and dyed it to save on those medallions and marks.


Shoulders: Lesser Shoulder Guards of Dunhathel: available at the Hardirion hero trader

Back: Plain Cloak

Chest: Defender of the West Breastplate: available at the Hardirion hero trader

Gloves: Ceremonial arrow of the West: available at the Hardirion hero trader

Pants: Defender of the West Leggings: available at the Hardirion hero trader

Boots: Lesser Shoes of Dundaith: available at the Hardirion hero trader


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