Well it’s been about two months now that I’ve been playing my chars through Landroval. So far my Dwarf tank and Elf RK have both been asked to join race-specific kins! pretty cool to see that kind of RP already prevalent at early levels!

Coming from Riddermark the server population difference is already obvious on Landroval. Even places of trivial difficulty have had lvl 100’s coming through on business of their own. It’s exciting to see that group activities are still commonly and activly advertised and run. I can’t wait to level my ‘toons so i’m able to rub more shoulders with the rest of the server.

I think i’ll continue to reside here, I’m still excited about RP and i’m hoping, because of the recent movies (or atrocities) there will be a boost in RP interest on the servers. It also reminds me that i need to brush up on my Elven and Dwarven Histories!!

Another reason why I feel like staying is that the community on Landroval is mostly positive, rather than on Riddermark where just about every day someone would complain on the world chat that the server was dead or dying and there would be the strong few that would chime in with the “not yet, we’re still here.” all the same though, I miss the RP.

All that to say is that I’m going to stay here on Landroval, and if there are any bloggers that call it their home server or want to reach out don’t hesitate to drop me a line! I’d love to meet you in game!

Until I see you then, Safe Travels!


One thought on “Looks Homey here!

  1. I really enjoyed playing on Landy, only dragged away by a great kin on Withy at the moment, I still have a cappy there and will go back to him one day. I remember my amazement at the activity on the server when I first arrived, the difference from that on a small server (windy in my case) to a busy one was huge. I never did get bitten by the RP bug but do occasionally have an enjoyable play session 🙂

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