I’ve been playing LOTRO For just over 4 years now. Though there’s been ups and downs I’m my playing i’ve had some really good friends and Kins in the past few years.

However I’ve only played on the Riddermark server And my intrest in the Lore of Lotr leads me to the Landroval server. And I decided that I’ll try a few week in each server and find the best one for each aspect of the game. I’ll take not of the amount of people online, crafting and financial aspects of the server and Player types that are noticeable as well.

So for the First few days on the server, getting my chars set up i notice more new players than i would run into in Western Gondor on Ridder. Also there was an organized group playing for the festival as well that sparked some interest. I’ll be shooting to hit lvl 20 with my chars to see if we can get them involved with maybe some low level Raiding and groups.

Already the interesting players that are actually walling through town is impressive; willing to commit the extra time to stay in character. It’s exciting to see that there are discussions of lore on the “world” chat. And already i was approached to join an Dwarven Kinship.

Therefore the Landroval server still seems rather active and alive. Which I have to say, is refreshing.


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