So it seems that there is a bigger bug with the Forochel tunnel with this past update. That, added with the fact that my Warden is nearing level 50 and i want him all repped and deeded when he gets there means that i was traveling through Forochel and was a little bored.

This had me thinking of making some sort of player-written re enactment of the Great Plague that took place around TA 1636-37. IT wiped out Much of Gondor and swept up from the south. Eriador escaped most of the danger but the ancient realm of Carlodan was destroyed by this plague. Some say that there was a darker power behind the creation of the sickness.

The event was described as a dark wind that came up from the south, and it paints the image of a fog-like pathogen coming from the south of middle earth. All the same these images are what my mind’s eye sees when the Dark Plague is talked about.

I actually traveled quite a bit to take some new shots of other locations such as the Last homely house in Rivendell.

ScreenShot00006 ScreenShot00007

Evendim was surely a place that had to get some foggy shots with the ruins and tombs that normally shine in the sun.

ScreenShot00008 ScreenShot00010 ScreenShot00012


As you can see with the lone lands the fog cuts off most of the scene and doesn’t really look as different, just gloomy as always. But i thought Weathertop looked neat with the fog at the lest.

Moving on to breeland as i have done before i took some whots of bree but as i was on my way i thought to stop into Archet. The burned-out buildings would make for a gloomy scene now that the sun too had abandoned that town.ScreenShot00022 ScreenShot00024 ScreenShot00025 ScreenShot00026

And the Come and Wattle looks like a beacon to the travelers as it is always for new players.


I don’t like to boast but i love this shot of the Prancing Pony, Looks like the Peter Jackson interpretation from the movies.ScreenShot00036 ScreenShot00037

Celondim was a spot I really haven’t taken pictures of before but I think that these fog shots turned out pretty good. The nice thing about having a server where everyone is mostly capped is that it leaves lots of time and space for pictures!

ScreenShot00038 ScreenShot00039 ScreenShot00041 ScreenShot00042


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