It’s been a little over a month since my last post but i have to admit I’ve been having a little creative block lately when it comes to new outfits that feel right. This outfit features my Warden, Garthvar.


Designed for travel, the finish is plain but sturdy leather. The traveler’s hood and cloak provide ample resistance to rain and wind while maintaining a moderately light weight to free the wearer from an overwhelming weight of amour on long ventures or pilgrimages.


Though rough, the amour does provide sturdy resistance against offensive attacks and provides it’s own secrets such as the hidden blade in the gloves; to surprise highwaymen and other “difficulties” that the wearer might meet on the road.



Head: Traveller’s Hood (Store) – Walnut Brown

Shoulders: Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards of fate (Drop/Craftable Style) – Umber

Gloves: Ceremonial Secret Of the West Gauntlets (Store) – Umber

Chest: Padded Curiass of the Eastfold (Quest Reward) – Grey

Legs: Steel Leggings of the Broadacres (Quest Reward) – Grey

Boots: Ceremonial Dunbog Watcher’s Boots (Store) – Umber


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