This will be my first Rune-keeper and I have to say for such a short time, this is a class I could really enjoy getting into. It’s as fun as it is versatile. Though I haven’t had the option of grouping up of course cause I’m not at level. But solo is fun enough This class however has given me a new inspiration for design. Instead of the armour or clothing I wanted something that flowed. So this is the result. The traveller’s hood provides protection for the elements as does the rest of the legs and shoulders. Though they allow for sudden movement if needed.

ScreenShot00082 The runekeeper should have a graceful flow to combat and even more so since Eolrandir is an elf. His ancient wisdom and long terms of traveling and studying in the feild is displayed on his clothes. They hold a certain ancient craft about them but something that was made. ScreenShot00074 ScreenShot00075 ScreenShot00079


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