Yes it has been a while since my last post and like Cosmetic Lotro was saying; it seems that there isn’t a lot of posting from other lotro bloggers. I’d like to blame the weather. Spring is finally here and with it I hope some inspiration comes to the Lotro blogging world as well. That and I believe update 13 may help too!

This outfit was one that has been a long project. I wanted an outfit for my burg that gave him some flexibility and still had enough room to store “borrowed” items from his travels.

After attempting to use several different packs and a few quivers I decided on the Lore Master’s pouch. Simply because the treasure hunter’s sack of gold coins was too noisy!

I had recently taken Eolthier through Isenguard and Dunland where the best cosmetics live. And came away with so many options! So there will be many outfits for the rest of my classes too coming along in the future! This oufit is a direct result of that though before I’ve used the torso but the additions are new and improved. With this look I was going for more of a traveler with a bit of a twist. Concealed weapons and the ability to store what ever was “found” along the road. I avoided using a bulky cape with this and consequently had to sacrifice the back slot with the lore master’s pouch.


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