As I was trying to finish up my Epic quest in Eriador and as anyone who has quested in Forochel, once you pass through the canyon the fog that obscures one end from the other, tends to linger. To date the only “sure-fire” way to remove the fog is to log out and then back into your game.

Knowing this I was not surprised when the game continued to be dark even after leaving this cave. I only had to talk to a few NPC’s and turn in a quest then it was back to Rivendell for another chat with Master Elrond. So in short I didn’t bother to take the time to clear the fog.

I had a grim, but exciting view when i returned to Bree then quickly turned it into a photo Op:

The haze and darkness over the land give a sense of the post apocalyptic feel to middle earth. I plan to make a movie resembling this sometime could turn out to be one of the best ways to capitalize on the glitch.


I loved the ineffective scarecrow in the picture, and i was super excited to find this, though i`m pretty confident i`m not the first. So here are the rest of my pictures for your enjoyment. Remember it doesn’t always happen, all i can say is that i was using the travel from Kauppa-Khota to Pynti-Peldot. I can’t promise it`ll happen just seems pretty random, this’ll be the first time in years this has happened to me but that would possibly be due to the fact that I avoid Forochel altogether. Needless to say, this was my favorite trip!




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