I know it’s the New Year already but I wanted to share my Yulefest outfit before the festival ended. This outfit was actually an older set that I had done a few years back. One of the most wonderful things about the Yulefest is that the Cosmetics dye so well. This years wintery outfit is great for walking through town and enjoying the festivities while remaining comfortable and warm.


Really though the look was more of a traveler’s winter outfit but I didn’t want to go with the Christmas Colors and instead decided to go with the frosty blue style. Most of these clothes are relatively easy to collect.

yule cheer2

As always with my Burg, I try to get that “Hooded Traveler” look And this outfit catches the mood just about right, and with only three of the 5 items bought from the store or Lalia’s market.

yule cheer1

I have to admit I was extremely excited for the yule festival this year, ever since I started playing LOTRO it was one of my favorite festivals in the game. Even after last year’s grind-happy festival, I was still excited. This year’s festival was, as you may have noticed, much more laid back; with the rewards more attainable with less effort but still enough to keep things interesting.


This outfit looks good as a stand alone outfit, but also looks great with the snowy steed, purchasable at the festival.

Head: Traveler’s Hood: (Navy) Purchasable from the Store.
Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Mighty Verse (Navy) Lalia’s Market
Back: Plain Cloak: (Navy) Purchasable from any outfitter across middle earth.
Chest: Snow-dusted Traveling Robe: (Navy) Yule Festival cosmetic vender
Gloves: Fel-Durnvol: (Navy) Dunland quest item, or Crafted Gloves
Boots: Ceremonial Dunbog Watcher’s Studded boots: (Navy) Lalia’s Market


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