As another October passes us by I wanted to post my project for that season. However, October and November seemed to have slipped by me completely! Nevertheless this was the first outfit that I have done that uses an Orange dye. I was surprised by my only having to purchase the chest piece and how simply and easily it fit into the outfit. I Think this has to be one of my favorite creations to date.

The interesting thing to me was the way that the gloves met the sleeves, they almost are an exact continuation of the shirt. The colors matched almost perfectly. I’m extremely satisfied with this outfit. and for a color that I have never used before I have to say that the Orange is an excellent color for this outfit.

Instead of my usual cosmetics for my Burglar, this was a more colorful and brilliant outfit, not one designed for hiding in the shadows, but for a hero of middle earth to wear to a party. The shade of orange was perfect for this time of year, and the other great realization is that the outfit even looks good on the Festival, Harvest Brew Steed.

How to Trick Or Treat In Stile
How to Trick Or Treat In Stile


Head:Traveler’s Hood (orange); Store or occasionally through Lailia’s Market

Shoulders: Fine Grey Company Wrap (Orange): Epic quest through Isenguard.

Chest: Ceremonial Lesser Voice of the West Robe (orange): Lalia’s Market

Back: Wrap of the Falling Leaves (orange): fall festival Trader

Gloves: Ceremonial Arrow of the West Gauntlets (orange): cosmetic outfitter/ lalia’s market

Legs: Strong Westfold Skirmish Leggings (umber): purchased from AH, (crafted)

Shoes: Ceremonial Dunbog Watcher’s Studded Boots (umber): Lalia’s Market


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