Although my burglar does not have the shape of Laura Croft I still wanted something that made him look shifty. I took some pictures of him taking advantage of the Great Barrow. Which I think would be rather In character for a burg in the Epic Quest line. The fact that he would only help the fate of middle earth if it brings profit for himself.


With this look I wanted something light that looked like it was easy to move in but still concealed the Burg and gave him a more stealthy look.


These outfit pieces are a mix of skrim cosmetics that are easy to get a hold of and store items. Though both I find are a great mix of stealth and mobility that would be the right fit for any burglar attempting to steal from Sambrog.


I really enjoy dressing in the more leather and cloth with a more ranger look than getting all armored up. But even if the normal colors are used, the outfit still looks great.

Head: Ceremonial Arrow Of the West Helmet – Store or Lalia’s Market
Shoulders: Ceremonial Secret Of the West Shoulder Guards – Store or Lalia’s Market
Chest: Ceremonial Arrow Of the West Breastplate – Store or Lalia’s Market
Gloves: Ceremonial Arrow of the West Gauntlets – Store or Lalia’s Market
Legs: Ceremonial Thrill-seeker’s Leggings – Skrimish Camp Cosmetics
Boots: Ceremonial Dunbog Watcher’s Studded Boots – Store or Lalia’s Market


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