As it may seem that my journey to find the right server seems to be short-lived, honestly i spent a week testing to see if i like Landroval or Brandywine. But to be honest i came to a realization; the population where you meet the most people and have the most enjoyment out of your Lotro experience is the End Game. What is at this time level 85, the raids and skrims on the moors and even hytbold keep you buisy.

But honestly i came back to enjoy Riddermark, it’s home to me. This is where my friends are. I`ll be playing Eostain as my main, a level 85 champion from rohan.

I`ve played him since Moria was released and have enjoyed every second of the class. I do find that being an AOE can still be in demand for raids.

So for the foreseeable future I will be in Quest. A kin that many of my friends that were at end game moved to. I look forward to seeing some old toon-faces soon.



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